Monday, 16 February 2009

Trouble Ahead...

you know me, i'm never the most bullish when it comes to the future of mankind on this planet but i really think the situation is coming to a head now and the fallout will be on us much quicker than you all think.

the bottom line is that this recent economic break down has proven that the western capitalist social model is as broken as communism was proven to be 2 decades ago. It was a mirage. People were never really that comfortable; it was all on the back of IOUs, scaling up from the personal level, to the family level, through corporate and up to national. As the various governments of the world try in vain to plug the holes in a dam (like all dams) holding back trillions of gallons of putrid debt, that should never have been built, by issuing trillons of gallons more of putrid debt (genius eh?) it is really time to start getting the fuck out of the way of all the shit that is about to burst through and flood the valley.

Personally i have put half the money my grandad left the boys into physical silver and gold, small enough to carry and in denominations easily split; yes there's a considerable premium to pay over the spot price but bothered? no. this is not an investment, this is a liferaft. I am firming up my escape route to the middle of the dordogne region or the pyrenees; making sure that places have at least the minimal stocks and i'm reading up all i can on basic farming and hunting so i'm ready from the off.

As interest rates have plummeted, i'm locking my mortage rate in for the next 5 years, yes it's more than if i let it float with the market rate but it's also quite a bit less than i've been paying the last 5 years... and at some stage, they will hike and hike and hike the rates to offset the speed of the cuts and before you know it, you're paying 10% and you're fucked. I seriously think this could be the straw that breaks the camel's back and if i see rates starting to go up again, i will be poised to get the fuck out at a moment's notice.

My wife, who only half thinks i'm barking, is aware of what is to be done and where to go should circumstances prevent my getting to her.

Whether it's economic social dislocation, whether it's WW3 started to give people something else to focus on, or whether it's the planet earth finally having enough of the way we as a species have plundered her resources; i think we're pretty fucking doomed and in the very near future.

Anyone who hasn't read anything about and by the absolute genius that was Viktor Schauberger, should immediately down tools and go and do so... and don't just glance at wiki and then nothing else... read around.

I'll leave you with this from him: "For a person who lives 100 years in the future, the present comes as no surprise."

I sincerely hope there is 100 years in the future Viktor old chap.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

ermmm... Stem cells revisit....

check this:

anyways... since i suggested they might be worth buying...

PRI: -2%
OFIX: +3%
ASTM: +16%
OSIR: +13%
CRA: +20%
CYTX: +32%
STEM: +42%
GERN: +63%

S&P500 +70bps....

I hope you got some on board!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Monday, 9 February 2009


My Mum's in the process of selling up in coastal Spain and buying this gaff in the Pyrenees... i have a feeling that when the shit hits the fan, which i'm more convinced than ever it's about to (and soon), that this is where the Dickbar family is going to run to... Just hope we're quick enough to get there... check the view!:

a coupla photos

red sky in the morning....

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


we had like 12 inches in a day and our country fell apart at the seems....

it's fucking embarrassing

it used to snow like this every year when i was a kid and we never missed school or couldn't get to work; joe public is a fucking pussy now a days

"the biggest snow event in 16 years" they kept saying on the news... what the fuck is a 'snow event'? It snowed... it's not an event... and note that both the BBC and Sky constantly reminded us that "snow storms from Russia" were on the way so we could blame it on them.

anyways... we had fun in the garden and the fields with the kids and the dog but i'm glad to be back at work today... it's fucking mental at home with the wife and boys and dog... fuck knows how she copes with it

seriously though, i gotta get out of this fucking country; it's full of and it's run by absolute fucking morons