Monday, 30 March 2009

Stem Cell Update: not looking so clever now....

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Friday, 27 March 2009

GW Obama... heard this shit anywhere before?


The Sun

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Where the New World Order Mongers have it Right

There's an awful lot of bleating in the blogosphere about the Illuminati and The NWO and how it endangers us and threatens to take away our liberty and our rights. About how they operate supranationally, manipulate us into wars etc. . Stop and think about it a while... are they so wrong?

If we can glean anything from the last 2 years action in the market, it is that we are finally, trully global... we are one species. But who cares a fuck about the market? It doesn't reflect what goes on with Joe Public at home. Couldn't be further from the truth. The market is purely an illustration of what people are thinking, how people are feeling and what they are doing... all displayed in numbers.

But what about the wars... what about population control rumours/eugenics etc.? One of the most serious threats to human beings as a species is exponential population growth; we consume more than the earth has to give us and have done for a while... we ran into natural debt mid september last year... Imagine the shit we'd be in now if it weren't for WW1 and WW2? And going back, what about the Black Death/Plague? We'd be lucky if we existed as a species were it not for those 3 cause we'd be knocking on around the 10bln mark easily, not the 6.7bln we are now. I'm not a big lover of war... I can't imagine much worse than being in a state of war... but we have no natural enemies (apart from disease and mother earth, about which i will ellucidate) and so we HAVE to be our own enemy. We cull lots of other species when they start to destroy their habitat and negatively influence other species, so it's 'natural' that we cull ourselves... because by fuck are we destroying our habitat and negatively influencing other species.

But what about our rights? What about our freedom? Think about it... there are no fucking rights in Nature... there is no freedom. We're clinging to ideals that don't exist, that are nothing but words. Democracy? Pfff... you gotta be kidding me... if it truly worked it would truly exist... but it hasn't and so it doesn't... hence you get 'one choice' elections like Obama, fixed elections like Bush, un-elected PM's like Brown, farcical governments like Italy and shit shows like the recent Israeli elections... ALL INFLUENCED by this ruling elite behind the scenes... and why do they do it? Because we are fucking stupid. Life as a human being has been so easy for so long, never more so than in the last 300 years or so since 'the enlightenment', that we have never been so fucking dumb as a species. The idiots that died off before, the process of natural selection, it hasn't happened for ages... and so we have totally lost touch with Nature to the extent where you have school kids that don't know where bacon comes from, that have never grown anything in their life, that don't know where North is at any one time, that are OBESE... obesity... if anything is an indication of how fucked up and over-comfortable we are as a species, it's obesity.

And as one of the non-stupid people, as most are on this site and were at JS... how can you sit back and accept your lot as being one with the fucking stupid? We are global... we are not equal.
If you are the only 5 of a group of 100 to have the foresight to take a bottle of water for a day's hike in the desert, and by sharing those 5 bottles there isn't enough water, you'll still all die... you aint gonna be sharing it with the other 95... you distance yourself from them as quickly and as far as possible before they realise they're fucked... and frankly... fuck them, they deserve it.

So if there is this ruling elite, if there are these Illuminati working behind the scenes... can you blame them for not wanting to lump themselves in with joe fucking dumbfuck public, out in the desert with no water? No way.

The flip side to this arguement is that what made humans successful in the first place was hunting, working and thinking as a group... cause individually, we're not the biggest and strongest out there... I'm urging the need to think globally and yet I'm talking of ignoring the masses? I just think there's clearly a limit on the size of a group and a need for a minimum level of intelligence; and that is maybe our downfall.

I personally think global warming is a load of horsehit; rapid global cooling from a sudden lack of activity on the sun (solar cycle 24 still hasn't kicked off) is what we are more likely facing and certainly population growth/natural habitat destruction. Those in the know, who had some remaining hope that we could pull together, have pushed the global warming theme on us in an attempt to get us to react to a 'global' threat as one species and see how it goes... (it failed cause petty national and local differences always seem to win over the global theme) The truth is probably that the threats are much more serious and we're not ready to deal with them rationally.

There is a toally leftfield theory out there in the blogosphere that these people are not people but actually ETs. It gets a lot of laughs in most quarters but a bit of traction in others. I shouldn't address it because it automatically devalues anything that has gone before but i shall. Just say this were true. It has to be contemplated at least because, like the existance of a god or gods, you can't 100% discount it. If you'd come from another planet, ended up here and watched the 'advancement' of the human species over the last 300 years... would you be keen for humans to advance further and get off this planet to go somewhere else? Say your home planet? After what we've done to this one? Would you fuck.

So in a nutshell, what I am saying is that if this select global group does exist, don't just rise up in indignation at the concept... don't yell about freedom and rights and national sovereignty... don't pretend that as a group we can band together and beat them; if they're in the 'know' and they're heading to 'place A' while we're all heading to 'B' 'C' or 'D'... stop and ask yourself why. Turn the fuck around and check out place 'A'. They probably have a fucking good reason.

I truly believe we're on the verge of some major global event (social and/or natural) that is beyond our control and that a very small number of people on this planet are aware of it... they can't tell us because thr enormity of the situation would cause mayhem and they can't get to 'place A' if there's mayhem. Others, like me, and some of you i hope, don't know what it is but can sense it coming. Now is not the time to be closing your mind along national lines. Now is the time to be keeping your mind and eyes wide open... to think globally... to think as a species as part of the earth but not to such an extent as you jump in the same boat as the idiots. They've more than proven that they're not worth fucking yourself and your family up for. I'm sorry if that sounds callous and elitist... but so is Nature... Nature has no straight lines and no national boundaries... the further we try and distance ourselves from her, the more we try to control her, the closer we get to the dinosaurs.

Monday, 9 March 2009

i been on holiday

to see mum in the pyrenees... it pissed it down with rain every day, which meant lots of snow up top... tino went skiing for the first time and loved it... it was good to get off work for a week but holiday with marcel isn't really a holiday, then the wife was in london for a birthday all day yesterday so i had the kids and dog to myself all day long... it shit it down with rain too so we couldn't stay outside for long... i was fucked by the time she came back just before bedtime... christ knows how she does it day in day out... 18 month old boys are absolutely fucking exhausting....