Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I fell in love with this:

It's a renovated farmhouse in Northern Frog... dude who did it up was an engineer and had two big engineering companies; it is geothermically heated and has it's own well; the electrics are state of the art as is the alarm system; it has a great wine cellar, a massive hangar/garage; a perfect vegetable plot; about 15 different fruit trees; an outdoor furnace; and a spankers sheep/pig shed with four small pastures off it all fenced fantasically. All in all it stands on 5.5 hectares (bout 13 acres)... i saw it on saturday... and sunday... and it's glorious. Please someone come and buy my house soon before this gets snapped up...

Friday, 24 April 2009

Kill the pig! Kill the pig! Kill the pig!!!

this is the latest scare hitting mehhico and southern USA... keep an eye on this story gathering steam... shut the borders!! shit the borders!!

*DJ US Official 'Very Concerned' About Swine Flu Outbreak

Mexico shuts schools around capital in flu scare that killed around 20 peoplein recent weeks.



April 23, 2009 - New Swine Flu Has Sickened 7 Americans.CDC has confirmed seven human cases of swine flu this week - five inCalifornia and two in Texas - with more cases likely to emerge. None ofthe infected individuals, who range in age from 9 to 54, have had directcontact with pigs. That suggests human-to-human transmission, but theswine flu source remains unknown, according to Anne Schuchat, M.D.,Director, CDC National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.The new virus called A H1N1 has a unique combination of genes neverbefore seen in pigs or humans. This new swine flu is not lethal like theH1N5 bird flu and is not expected to be the next pandemic flu thatcycles around every twenty years or so. But medical doctors such as JaySteinberg, M. D., Infection Diseases, Emory University Hospital inAtlanta, Georgia, warns: "I can say with 100% confidence that a pandemicof a new flu strain will spread in humans. What I can't say is when itwill occur."

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Don't cry for me rule britannia.... the truth is

i am getting the g-funk outa here...

apologies for being distant for so long.... i got a lot of shit been going through my head of late and there wasn't a lot of point in writing shit cause i didn't know what was going on...

anyways... monday i sat the wife down and told her i needed a definite date for moving to france because i can't do this shit much longer and i need the light at the end of the tunnel and as a family we need to get out of the UK asap... i said so preferably, for me, that tunnel would be a fucking short one... she totally agreed. We have decided to finish painting the bathroom we had done (she chose the wrong colour) and put the house on the mkt straight away.

my reasons:

1; i've fallen out of love with this job over the last year. there's just so much govt intervention and spin in the equity and commodity mkts right now that it makes it a fucking joke to trade and in my mind, it aint about to change anytime soon

2; i've been doing it 14 years in May... i'm 36... when i look around... the amount of mentally and physically sound 40 year olds in this business is not a large number

3; for the kids... the younger they are when they move , i think the better

4; we have a big family in france... here we have my dad and stepmum, my cousin (who's a bit of a nob) and his wife and kids... and that's it... they can jump on a train 10 mins from where they live and be with us in an hour and 1/4 or jump in a car and be with us in 2.75 hrs.

5; the UK is fucked... the budget they just announced is gonna cripple this country... our debt is through the roof, we're going down the tubes and i'll be fucked if i'm staying on a sinking ship to wave the george cross... i wouldn't mind paying 50% tax if i got anything for my money and indeed i probably will in france... france is in a much better position economically and they actually have some industry aside from here, where we have finance... and we all know that's screwed going forwards for a long time

6; the same amount of people live in the uk as france and france is twice as big... i don't like crowded places.

7; i can probably afford to buy a house outright and have no mortgage when we move... and being debt free is the only way to be truly free.

8; the missus can get a job much easier over there, the kids are at an age now when they'll be both at some kind of schooling (also much better quality there than here) so she'll be free to work, which she needs.

9; french drivers are much more respectful of bikers

10; french women are much hotter

there you go... there are a few reasons... i'm sure the likes of the Lone Groover will be disgusted that i'm bailing out and i am so disparaging about the country that i grew up in but needs must... and as i said... i don't wanna be here when the ship goes down and i don't see a rally in house prices anytime soon that'd warrant me hanging onto the lovely house i have here and the great paying job just to knock that house out at a higher price 2-3 yrs down the line and arrive in france better off... if anything, house prices here are gonna shit the bed in the next year or so... and even if they don't, the pound sterling will... so it'll be worth fuck all in real terms anyways....

Monday, 30 March 2009

Stem Cell Update: not looking so clever now....

GERN unchedOSIR -28%CRA -9.7%ASTM -20%CYTX -40%STEM +5%OFIX +18%PKI -10%

Friday, 27 March 2009

GW Obama... heard this shit anywhere before?


The Sun


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Where the New World Order Mongers have it Right

There's an awful lot of bleating in the blogosphere about the Illuminati and The NWO and how it endangers us and threatens to take away our liberty and our rights. About how they operate supranationally, manipulate us into wars etc. . Stop and think about it a while... are they so wrong?

If we can glean anything from the last 2 years action in the market, it is that we are finally, trully global... we are one species. But who cares a fuck about the market? It doesn't reflect what goes on with Joe Public at home. Couldn't be further from the truth. The market is purely an illustration of what people are thinking, how people are feeling and what they are doing... all displayed in numbers.

But what about the wars... what about population control rumours/eugenics etc.? One of the most serious threats to human beings as a species is exponential population growth; we consume more than the earth has to give us and have done for a while... we ran into natural debt mid september last year... Imagine the shit we'd be in now if it weren't for WW1 and WW2? And going back, what about the Black Death/Plague? We'd be lucky if we existed as a species were it not for those 3 cause we'd be knocking on around the 10bln mark easily, not the 6.7bln we are now. I'm not a big lover of war... I can't imagine much worse than being in a state of war... but we have no natural enemies (apart from disease and mother earth, about which i will ellucidate) and so we HAVE to be our own enemy. We cull lots of other species when they start to destroy their habitat and negatively influence other species, so it's 'natural' that we cull ourselves... because by fuck are we destroying our habitat and negatively influencing other species.

But what about our rights? What about our freedom? Think about it... there are no fucking rights in Nature... there is no freedom. We're clinging to ideals that don't exist, that are nothing but words. Democracy? Pfff... you gotta be kidding me... if it truly worked it would truly exist... but it hasn't and so it doesn't... hence you get 'one choice' elections like Obama, fixed elections like Bush, un-elected PM's like Brown, farcical governments like Italy and shit shows like the recent Israeli elections... ALL INFLUENCED by this ruling elite behind the scenes... and why do they do it? Because we are fucking stupid. Life as a human being has been so easy for so long, never more so than in the last 300 years or so since 'the enlightenment', that we have never been so fucking dumb as a species. The idiots that died off before, the process of natural selection, it hasn't happened for ages... and so we have totally lost touch with Nature to the extent where you have school kids that don't know where bacon comes from, that have never grown anything in their life, that don't know where North is at any one time, that are OBESE... obesity... if anything is an indication of how fucked up and over-comfortable we are as a species, it's obesity.

And as one of the non-stupid people, as most are on this site and were at JS... how can you sit back and accept your lot as being one with the fucking stupid? We are global... we are not equal.
If you are the only 5 of a group of 100 to have the foresight to take a bottle of water for a day's hike in the desert, and by sharing those 5 bottles there isn't enough water, you'll still all die... you aint gonna be sharing it with the other 95... you distance yourself from them as quickly and as far as possible before they realise they're fucked... and frankly... fuck them, they deserve it.

So if there is this ruling elite, if there are these Illuminati working behind the scenes... can you blame them for not wanting to lump themselves in with joe fucking dumbfuck public, out in the desert with no water? No way.

The flip side to this arguement is that what made humans successful in the first place was hunting, working and thinking as a group... cause individually, we're not the biggest and strongest out there... I'm urging the need to think globally and yet I'm talking of ignoring the masses? I just think there's clearly a limit on the size of a group and a need for a minimum level of intelligence; and that is maybe our downfall.

I personally think global warming is a load of horsehit; rapid global cooling from a sudden lack of activity on the sun (solar cycle 24 still hasn't kicked off) is what we are more likely facing and certainly population growth/natural habitat destruction. Those in the know, who had some remaining hope that we could pull together, have pushed the global warming theme on us in an attempt to get us to react to a 'global' threat as one species and see how it goes... (it failed cause petty national and local differences always seem to win over the global theme) The truth is probably that the threats are much more serious and we're not ready to deal with them rationally.

There is a toally leftfield theory out there in the blogosphere that these people are not people but actually ETs. It gets a lot of laughs in most quarters but a bit of traction in others. I shouldn't address it because it automatically devalues anything that has gone before but i shall. Just say this were true. It has to be contemplated at least because, like the existance of a god or gods, you can't 100% discount it. If you'd come from another planet, ended up here and watched the 'advancement' of the human species over the last 300 years... would you be keen for humans to advance further and get off this planet to go somewhere else? Say your home planet? After what we've done to this one? Would you fuck.

So in a nutshell, what I am saying is that if this select global group does exist, don't just rise up in indignation at the concept... don't yell about freedom and rights and national sovereignty... don't pretend that as a group we can band together and beat them; if they're in the 'know' and they're heading to 'place A' while we're all heading to 'B' 'C' or 'D'... stop and ask yourself why. Turn the fuck around and check out place 'A'. They probably have a fucking good reason.

I truly believe we're on the verge of some major global event (social and/or natural) that is beyond our control and that a very small number of people on this planet are aware of it... they can't tell us because thr enormity of the situation would cause mayhem and they can't get to 'place A' if there's mayhem. Others, like me, and some of you i hope, don't know what it is but can sense it coming. Now is not the time to be closing your mind along national lines. Now is the time to be keeping your mind and eyes wide open... to think globally... to think as a species as part of the earth but not to such an extent as you jump in the same boat as the idiots. They've more than proven that they're not worth fucking yourself and your family up for. I'm sorry if that sounds callous and elitist... but so is Nature... Nature has no straight lines and no national boundaries... the further we try and distance ourselves from her, the more we try to control her, the closer we get to the dinosaurs.

Monday, 9 March 2009

i been on holiday

to see mum in the pyrenees... it pissed it down with rain every day, which meant lots of snow up top... tino went skiing for the first time and loved it... it was good to get off work for a week but holiday with marcel isn't really a holiday, then the wife was in london for a birthday all day yesterday so i had the kids and dog to myself all day long... it shit it down with rain too so we couldn't stay outside for long... i was fucked by the time she came back just before bedtime... christ knows how she does it day in day out... 18 month old boys are absolutely fucking exhausting....

Monday, 16 February 2009

Trouble Ahead...

you know me, i'm never the most bullish when it comes to the future of mankind on this planet but i really think the situation is coming to a head now and the fallout will be on us much quicker than you all think.

the bottom line is that this recent economic break down has proven that the western capitalist social model is as broken as communism was proven to be 2 decades ago. It was a mirage. People were never really that comfortable; it was all on the back of IOUs, scaling up from the personal level, to the family level, through corporate and up to national. As the various governments of the world try in vain to plug the holes in a dam (like all dams) holding back trillions of gallons of putrid debt, that should never have been built, by issuing trillons of gallons more of putrid debt (genius eh?) it is really time to start getting the fuck out of the way of all the shit that is about to burst through and flood the valley.

Personally i have put half the money my grandad left the boys into physical silver and gold, small enough to carry and in denominations easily split; yes there's a considerable premium to pay over the spot price but bothered? no. this is not an investment, this is a liferaft. I am firming up my escape route to the middle of the dordogne region or the pyrenees; making sure that places have at least the minimal stocks and i'm reading up all i can on basic farming and hunting so i'm ready from the off.

As interest rates have plummeted, i'm locking my mortage rate in for the next 5 years, yes it's more than if i let it float with the market rate but it's also quite a bit less than i've been paying the last 5 years... and at some stage, they will hike and hike and hike the rates to offset the speed of the cuts and before you know it, you're paying 10% and you're fucked. I seriously think this could be the straw that breaks the camel's back and if i see rates starting to go up again, i will be poised to get the fuck out at a moment's notice.

My wife, who only half thinks i'm barking, is aware of what is to be done and where to go should circumstances prevent my getting to her.

Whether it's economic social dislocation, whether it's WW3 started to give people something else to focus on, or whether it's the planet earth finally having enough of the way we as a species have plundered her resources; i think we're pretty fucking doomed and in the very near future.

Anyone who hasn't read anything about and by the absolute genius that was Viktor Schauberger, should immediately down tools and go and do so... and don't just glance at wiki and then nothing else... read around.

I'll leave you with this from him: "For a person who lives 100 years in the future, the present comes as no surprise."

I sincerely hope there is 100 years in the future Viktor old chap.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

ermmm... Stem cells revisit....

check this:


anyways... since i suggested they might be worth buying...

PRI: -2%
OFIX: +3%
ASTM: +16%
OSIR: +13%
CRA: +20%
CYTX: +32%
STEM: +42%
GERN: +63%

S&P500 +70bps....

I hope you got some on board!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Monday, 9 February 2009


My Mum's in the process of selling up in coastal Spain and buying this gaff in the Pyrenees... i have a feeling that when the shit hits the fan, which i'm more convinced than ever it's about to (and soon), that this is where the Dickbar family is going to run to... Just hope we're quick enough to get there... check the view!:

a coupla photos

red sky in the morning....

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


we had like 12 inches in a day and our country fell apart at the seems....

it's fucking embarrassing

it used to snow like this every year when i was a kid and we never missed school or couldn't get to work; joe public is a fucking pussy now a days

"the biggest snow event in 16 years" they kept saying on the news... what the fuck is a 'snow event'? It snowed... it's not an event... and note that both the BBC and Sky constantly reminded us that "snow storms from Russia" were on the way so we could blame it on them.

anyways... we had fun in the garden and the fields with the kids and the dog but i'm glad to be back at work today... it's fucking mental at home with the wife and boys and dog... fuck knows how she copes with it

seriously though, i gotta get out of this fucking country; it's full of and it's run by absolute fucking morons

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tuesday... great

wake up... it's chilly, chillier than it should be... go to the bathroom, radiator not on... hmmm... check the boiler.. it's out... no shower... can't restart it... bugger... dog poos on kitchen floor while i'm fucking about with it... it's just about 0 degrees outside... so i freeze my nuts off on the way to work...

and it's fucking tuesday... all tuesdays suck anyway (except the pillowy kind) and this one got off to such a bad start that it has the potential to suck more than most... haven't spoken to the wife yet, she must be well thrilled!

i am going to the dark side today i fear

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Va Bene!

The wife bot me some vouchers to use to stay in a castle in Italy somewhere (choice of hundreds) for my b'day last year... I have never been to Italia apart from skiing once when i was a nipper... i always wanted to go... so top pressie... anyways... i just finally got round to booking it... so first weekend in June we're leaving the kids and flying to Genoa then crusing down towards Portofino to stay for a couple of nights here:
check this shit out!


More Family Piccies

Dad, Stepmum, Step sisters, step brother in law and us..... Father in law... am very lucky to have a proper cool FIL... he's a very easy man to spend time with and always a great laugh at a pary....
the in laws are still desperately in love having got married when they were about 20... they're good people


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

How to Get Rich in 2009/10

STEM CELLS: this is where you want to be in the Obama era. TheBush administration always capped investment and research intothis to appease the god squad in a way Obama doesn't have to.One of his top scientific advisors is a chap called JonathanMoreno, he's an ex prof of medical ethics who's a big backer ofstem cell tech. To him it's the new holy grail of medicine thatsees the end of conventional drugs. The more I read on thesubject, the more it feels like the tech sector in 1998. Oncethey start locking patents in, some of these companies could be
moon bound. They're dollar stocks now because the money andbacking aren't there, yet; but it's human nature to do all wecan to preserve life and stem cells is a road that will certainlybe taken once we get over our consciences. The companies involved are mainly private and those quoted are small,for now... it's a real case of p.a. chuck £10 grand in and forget aboutit for two years, or for funds, try and build a 5% stake for no moneynow and again, forget about it, just write the money off, the numbers are small enough that it's doable. I'll have a hunt around but for now, the companies that I can see are: GERN US, OSIR US, CRA US, ASTM US, CYTX US and STEM US; then OFIX US has asubsid, BLACKSTONE MEDICAL, PKI US has a subsid, VIACELL These things could well be the dot.com companies in the late 90's... it'swithout doubt the biggest technological advance since then and Obama's administration is about to unlock the coffers and back them.

These things could be 100 baggers folks...

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Embarrassed to be British...

So far, around 1,000 Palestinians are dead, the UN estimates 40% of those are women and children; 4,400 have been injured and 90,000 fled their homes... (to where i don't know).
13 Israelis are dead... 3 of them civilians (and some of the other 10 by friendly fire).
And all my government can say is that Israel has a right to defend itself from Hamas rockets.
The ONLY western leader to have openly criticised Israel is Zapatero from Spain; he summed it up by saying that sometimes you even have to tell your friends when they're wrong. So clearly he's a raging anti-semite yeah?
Hamas is a democratically elected entity. Israel has said it's goal is to topple it. Gaza has been blockaded since they were elected; is there any wonder there are tunnels galore used to smuggle not just weapons but daily necessities into Gaza? Given previous examples of Israel's treatment of her neighbours, Hamas would be insane not to want to be armed to the teeth.
No journalists are allowed inside Gaza still. There seems to be much evidence of depleted uranium, cluster bombs and white phosphorous being used against a civilian population.
The UK press is full of articles explaining Israel's behaviour as a reaction to the holocaust, how no other country ever stands up for Israel so it has to do it alone... what a load of fucking horseshit. The rest of the world bends over fucking backwards to keep excusing their despicable behaviour, to ignore their violation of numerous international laws and how fucking long will they hold the holocaust to our heads as a historical gun?
I am embarrassed to be part of a country that does not have the backbone to stand up to these cunts and say "look, enough is fucking enough now... behave."
Is there any wonder that Arabs hate Israel when they continue to act like this? Any wonder that Britain and the USA are lumped into the same boat when we ply them with essentially free weapons and then stand aside and let them slaughter innocent people?
Anti-semite? Fuck off... I don't want to round up and burn jews... I don't want Israel wiped off the face of the map... I just want a bit of perspective and a bit of justice for the Palestinian people who have been horribly wronged for over 60 years now... who got pushed off their land, who got ousted from their homes, who have lived as refugees in and out of their own country and who have been forgotten by a world because it feels guilty for something that had nothing to do with the vast majority of us back in the 1940s.

a few more piccys

this was new year's day... hence my looking a tad delicate....

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Maybe Karl had a point

"Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks, which will have to be nationalised, and the State will have to take the road which will eventually lead to communism"
Karl Marx, Das Kapital, 1867

Tuesday 13th...

it doesn't get any worse than that... so here's a belting tune to get you tapping dem feeties all tru dem day!


Monday, 12 January 2009

a few piccys....


the car on the eurotunnel on the way back from frog.... you can't appreciate the gash over Marcel's right eye fully here... an arguement with the coffee table xmas day meant a trip to A&E... claret everywhere... we were back home 1.5 hrs after we left, they were great... just a clean-up and some 'glue'... gonna have a great scar

New Year's day 2009... a stroll in the woods in Alsace...

Let's Give it a Whirl Then...

this is just a brief foray into the blogspot world... having spent all weekend thinking I needed to get back to writing something because my mind is going babanas and then I read Simon's post this morning (i was touched, mentally, emotionally and sexually)

this is just a tester...

is it all looks ok then i'll come back with more