Wednesday, 4 February 2009


we had like 12 inches in a day and our country fell apart at the seems....

it's fucking embarrassing

it used to snow like this every year when i was a kid and we never missed school or couldn't get to work; joe public is a fucking pussy now a days

"the biggest snow event in 16 years" they kept saying on the news... what the fuck is a 'snow event'? It snowed... it's not an event... and note that both the BBC and Sky constantly reminded us that "snow storms from Russia" were on the way so we could blame it on them.

anyways... we had fun in the garden and the fields with the kids and the dog but i'm glad to be back at work today... it's fucking mental at home with the wife and boys and dog... fuck knows how she copes with it

seriously though, i gotta get out of this fucking country; it's full of and it's run by absolute fucking morons


  1. Come live here! Oh, wait...probably not a solution to the moron thing.

    Glad you had fun in the snow, db. Piccies?

    And welcome back! We missed you.

  2. What gets me is the way every time this happens, the media or people they interview come out with “It’s absolutely diabolical that THEY weren’t better prepared…” (while they of course have made no preparations themselves, such as buying snow tyres or whatever).

    ‘THEY’ are local councils, Network Rail and the train operating companies, each of whom have to decide whether it’s worth investing an extra x billion quid in extra equipment that will be used about one day in every few hundred.

    If people don’t mind paying extra in council tax to have a dozen extra snow ploughs or gritters standing idle (but still requiring storage and maintenance) for 99% of the time, or on a rail infrastructure with equipment that can de-ice all the points, or extra rail fares so train operators can have trains with snow-clearing equipment, fair enough. But as was pointed out by more than one pundit, it’s not financially viable given the number of days of heavy snow we have.

    However it must be said that some odd decisions were made, most notably that to cancel all London bus services, when (as you said) this has never been done before. Evidently (as Ken Livingstone commented) councils have been selling off depots for storing grit and gritters, as well as being excessively cautious; and rail operators weigh the losses of not running trains for one day against the costs of clearing the snow.

    Yep… sorry about the length of that.

  3. fair comments simon... boris J said pretty much the same thing for london... what's the point of sploshings millions on snow ploughs when it snows like this once every two decades... very fair point...
    i guess i'm thinking back to times when local councils were allowed to run up huge debts which the govt paid off and all was ok...
    i shall get back in my box and relax a little.. i'm asically peeved that i had to drive the car and not the bike and am looking for scapegoats

  4. and yes i did have fun in the snow... we went for long walks with the hound and the sledge... i have some decent piccies on the decent camera that i need to down load... my phone ones didn't come out too good cause of lack of light

  5. Haha. Don’t take it personally – that was just me venting at all the people whose comments I’ve been hearing and reading over the last few days.

    But you’re right about the morons – and the fact that people get in more of a state about ‘snow events’ now than they would have done twenty or more years ago. The media drives these things up too, encouraging people to believe they’re living through something spectacular when it’s not. Christ, even the Met Office issues things like ‘Severe weather warning – heavy rain is expected.’

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing the pics. The kids around here had a treat in the snow, needless to say. Many of them had never seen anything like it in their lives.

  6. I was just talking to Tris about this - wondered how much actually fell, total.
    I'm used to a ton of snow. I hate snow, but I'm USED to it. We moved south, where there wasn't as much snow. Laughed our heads off when they cancelled school when it reached zero degrees, and when they cancelled school when we had one inch of snow. Hearing about your recent snow storm reminded me of that.
    I totally agree about there being much more snow when we were kids, versus now. I'm trying REALLY hard not to launch into a "back in MY day" grumpy old person speech...
    I hope the boys had fun out there, do post the pics soon!

  7. Not a flake for us in ages. I miss the days of the big blankets of snow!!!!

  8. The further we get from the WWII generation, the more pussified we become. We can't handle the cold, we can't handle snow, we can't handle lead paint, we can't handle salmonella-laced peanut butter.

  9. My city has snow plows (we're in Alberta, after all) but they after the first big snowfall they get behind, then they claim that their snow budget is eaten up. Mismanagement of some sort.

  10. Being a Floridian who has lived most of her life below the "freeze line" (whatever the fuck that is, I think it's in Ocala somewhere...) but anyway, it RARELY gets below freezing in the area I'm in. We're having our second cold snap of the year, and this one is aparently colder than the one we had a couple weeks ago, which for the record was the coldest we'd had in over two years. When it gets like this all the news stations start doing powerpoints on how we should dress and whether hats or gloves and extra layers are needed and whether you should keep the pets and plants outside overnight or not. It always makes me feel like our mothers are having to dress us, we're so clueless once it gets cold.

    oh, sorry for the length.

  11. i hear ya DB.. denver falls apart everytime we get 2 inches.. you'd think they'd be used to it by now.

    i, on the other hand, am used to getting WAY more than 2 inches.. hehe..

  12. Heyooo! Snow wins.

    I was thinking the other kind of snow would be more fun DB.

  13. Anybody remember the white Canadian rapper, Snow?

    Informer, something something something, a licky boom-boom-down.

    He was quite possibly even more ridiculous than Vanilla Ice, and that's saying something.

    It's like finding a sports uniform even uglier than the Vancouver Canucks brown/orange uni from the 1970's. You didn't think it was possible to be worse, but there you go, a white Canadian rapper mumbling about informers.

  14. Can the media and gov't just leave people to their own devices? I think you should get a plow and attach it to your car. Come on - you know you'd live plowing things other than just snow!
    Ok, that sounded dirty, and I apologize sincerely for that.

  15. Glad I didn't by those Network Rail bonds.