Tuesday, 31 March 2009

This smells a little iffy no? Ahead of G20 summit, council told to switch off illegal £15m CCTV network



  1. Under the legislation, traffic cameras must be capable of recording at 720 x 576 pixels, an analogue broadcast standard.

    Trust the bloody Guardian. 720 x 576 and 704 x 576 pixels are both digital SDTV standards, not analogue, which would give the resolution in lines, not pixels.

    But as commented, anyone would find it hard to tell the difference. It sounds like an unnecessary obsession with compliance to the 720 x 576 PAL DVD standard to me. Having said that, Westminster council should have checked.

    Suspicious? Well, perhaps, but it only affects their 60 mobile cameras. Since their 160 fixed cameras do comply and are therefore unaffected it sounds more like an overzealous check by some official at the DfT. Painfully expensive to remedy though.

  2. What?

    Cameras? I have heard that it is a police state over there. Is this a good or bad thing?

    Do you always notice you are on camera? We have them but not everywhere.


  3. I'd be worried about being caught picking my nose at the traffic lights.

  4. Dickbar's just pissed because they didn't ban these things the day before he got busted doing an illegal lane change in one of them.