Thursday, 23 April 2009

Don't cry for me rule britannia.... the truth is

i am getting the g-funk outa here...

apologies for being distant for so long.... i got a lot of shit been going through my head of late and there wasn't a lot of point in writing shit cause i didn't know what was going on...

anyways... monday i sat the wife down and told her i needed a definite date for moving to france because i can't do this shit much longer and i need the light at the end of the tunnel and as a family we need to get out of the UK asap... i said so preferably, for me, that tunnel would be a fucking short one... she totally agreed. We have decided to finish painting the bathroom we had done (she chose the wrong colour) and put the house on the mkt straight away.

my reasons:

1; i've fallen out of love with this job over the last year. there's just so much govt intervention and spin in the equity and commodity mkts right now that it makes it a fucking joke to trade and in my mind, it aint about to change anytime soon

2; i've been doing it 14 years in May... i'm 36... when i look around... the amount of mentally and physically sound 40 year olds in this business is not a large number

3; for the kids... the younger they are when they move , i think the better

4; we have a big family in france... here we have my dad and stepmum, my cousin (who's a bit of a nob) and his wife and kids... and that's it... they can jump on a train 10 mins from where they live and be with us in an hour and 1/4 or jump in a car and be with us in 2.75 hrs.

5; the UK is fucked... the budget they just announced is gonna cripple this country... our debt is through the roof, we're going down the tubes and i'll be fucked if i'm staying on a sinking ship to wave the george cross... i wouldn't mind paying 50% tax if i got anything for my money and indeed i probably will in france... france is in a much better position economically and they actually have some industry aside from here, where we have finance... and we all know that's screwed going forwards for a long time

6; the same amount of people live in the uk as france and france is twice as big... i don't like crowded places.

7; i can probably afford to buy a house outright and have no mortgage when we move... and being debt free is the only way to be truly free.

8; the missus can get a job much easier over there, the kids are at an age now when they'll be both at some kind of schooling (also much better quality there than here) so she'll be free to work, which she needs.

9; french drivers are much more respectful of bikers

10; french women are much hotter

there you go... there are a few reasons... i'm sure the likes of the Lone Groover will be disgusted that i'm bailing out and i am so disparaging about the country that i grew up in but needs must... and as i said... i don't wanna be here when the ship goes down and i don't see a rally in house prices anytime soon that'd warrant me hanging onto the lovely house i have here and the great paying job just to knock that house out at a higher price 2-3 yrs down the line and arrive in france better off... if anything, house prices here are gonna shit the bed in the next year or so... and even if they don't, the pound sterling will... so it'll be worth fuck all in real terms anyways....


  1. to be honest... it kinda sums up the title of my blog... i aint staying here to get bitten and i sure as hell aint feeding the mouth anymore

  2. F**k man.

    I have had to have my heart converted from Atrial Fib twice in February and I am 45. I still run and exercise too which leads me to believe you are making the right decision.

    I know you have thought this out and I wish you and your family the absolute best.

    It has been murder out in the street.


  3. You will, of course, be taking the occasional clandestine camera phone photo of these hotter French women and posting them to your blog, no?

  4. vive la hairy armpits!

    Best of luck to you and yours brother.

  5. Good luck mate. I hope everything works out as planned… and that you continue to update, of course.

    I’m sad to see you go. It’s rich bastards like you paying high taxes that leeches like me depend on to keep us on state benefit. I hope you feel ashamed, or at least send me a few grand.

  6. You should get Simon to help you move.

    Wait, wrong nationality, I'm thinking of Mexicans. What do the English do?

    That's right! You should get Simon to help you plant a garden at your new French chateau.

  7. Simon can be his butler, of course. Obviously DB wouldn't want Simon to be his valet.

    I think you are brilliant.

    And lots of piccies from France, please!

  8. This is great news. This means that WHEN I finally get Heather to agree to go to Europe with me, we will have to visit France. (I loved France when I visited.) I was pretty sure that I was only going to be able to get her to the UK.

  9. cheers guys... Ian and H... defo would welcome you with open arms and wine bottles!

  10. The bottle is great for me, but do you have any wine boxes to make H feel at home? Actually, she has started drinking bottled wine now, believe it or not.