Monday, 12 January 2009

a few piccys....


the car on the eurotunnel on the way back from frog.... you can't appreciate the gash over Marcel's right eye fully here... an arguement with the coffee table xmas day meant a trip to A&E... claret everywhere... we were back home 1.5 hrs after we left, they were great... just a clean-up and some 'glue'... gonna have a great scar

New Year's day 2009... a stroll in the woods in Alsace...


  1. Great pics – and I’m sure Marcel will soon get over it. Besides, they say that the girls always love a scar. On someone else, that is.

  2. FINALLY thank goodness who else is going to help me dress in the mornings geez dude

  3. Hi There DB, I'm glad to see you've made your way to Blogger.

  4. Good to see your boots show up on my screen again
    the JS community is slowly gathering here.

  5. You know how I know you're gay?

    You dress your kids in matching jackets.

    That's punishable by swirlies and wedgies here in the US, you know.

  6. I would have loved to have met up with you on that New Year's Day jaunt, but as you know, my plans got changed and I decided to trade cold Europe for warm, sunny California. But I'm sure there will be another opportunity.

    Glad to see you join us!

  7. that "glue" is probably dermabond.. some of the best shit on earth.. wish it was over the counter. i need to find me a dermabond pharmaceutical rep to shag on a regular basis..

    great pics!! and i am sooo stoked to see your sexy tart ass here..

  8. Hah I think that last picture is kinda cute with the wee one making a goofy face for the camera (that wide eyed cheesy grin thing).

    My boy has become quite familiar with the glue... he had one on his eyebrow, too.
    Missed you!!!