Thursday, 22 January 2009

More Family Piccies

Dad, Stepmum, Step sisters, step brother in law and us..... Father in law... am very lucky to have a proper cool FIL... he's a very easy man to spend time with and always a great laugh at a pary....
the in laws are still desperately in love having got married when they were about 20... they're good people


  1. The posts about family are always my faves. In reality these are your advocates.

    I know you are rich with love brother.

    This is a wonderful thing.


  2. This is such a good entry, I won't make any MIL/fag jokes.

    Marcel looks like his French grampa.

    English grampa looks like the actor John Mahoney (who is originally from Manchester.... any relation?).

  3. Oh I love the photos of your wife and the dad...they ROCK!!!

  4. Great set of photos. Marcel steals the show in the first one of course.

  5. Love these!

    In the last photo, are they perhaps yelling at you to take the lens cap off?