Monday, 12 January 2009

Let's Give it a Whirl Then...

this is just a brief foray into the blogspot world... having spent all weekend thinking I needed to get back to writing something because my mind is going babanas and then I read Simon's post this morning (i was touched, mentally, emotionally and sexually)

this is just a tester...

is it all looks ok then i'll come back with more


  1. clearly my typing is much improved

  2. Just to let you know… I felt touched by you in exactly the same way.

    Good to see you back mate. Pull up a chair, slip a fag between your lips and make yourself comfortable.

  3. YAY!!

    (Sorry, I'm just a little speechless.)

  4. YES!!!!!!!!!! You have made my day!!!!!!

  5. "my mind is going babanas"

    oooooh, I'm using that one!!!